New Yars ICBMs Are Replacing Older Systems:Russia

The Yars Missiles, Which Will Replace The Topol ICBMs, Are Engineered With Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle Warheads, According To The Russian TASS News Agency. TASS Reports That There Were 360 Topol Launching Systems In Ten Divisions Of The Russian Strategic Missile Forces In 1999, A Number being Incrementally replaced By More Modern Yars Weapons Which First Launched For Flight In 2007. 

The Center For Strategic And International Studies’ Missile Defense Publication Says RS-24 Yars Are Three-stage Solid-fuel Missiles That Reportedly carry A Payload of Three Reentry Vehicles And Penetration Aids.source: Nationalinteres  

“The Missile Is Also Believed To Be Fitted With A Newer RV Design That Will Allow The RV’s to Maneuver In Space And During Re-entry,” According To Russian Officials. “The Total Launch Weight Of The RS-24 Is Assessed To Be 49,000 Kg And Is Expected To Have A Minimum Range Of 2,000 Km And A Maximum Of 10,500 Km.” 

The Missile Is Estimated To Be 22.5 Meters In Length And Two Meters In Diameter. 

While Beginning As road-mobile Weapons, The Yars Missiles Have Also Reportedly Been Migrating Into And Tested In Silos As Well, A Circumstance Which Multiplies Threats To The United States By Presenting Both Better-protected Yars Missiles As Well As Road-mobile Yars Missiles Able To Maneuver And Obscure A Launch Position From Overhead Sensors.


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